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With a brand new Anime site, I managed to rake in over 3,500 daily visitors and a consistent $5+ daily with Adsense

Adsense proof:

Click on the image above to view the full screenshot of my Adsense earnings.

Traffic proof:

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are for the domain:

With my report, you can too! I'll show you how I did it and the exact steps I took.


Hi, my name is Neil. I'm just an average 16 year old who managed to get in
the Internet marketing game early, starting around about 2-3 years ago. 
Just like many of you guys, I'm always looking for new ways to make money online.
When I do discover new ways to make money, I like to share them with others.

You most likely don't want to read my whole life story, so I'll just
give you a couple of quick points:

I've been building/buying/selling websites for around 4 years now.

The most success I've had is buying a website for $1,000 and flipping it for $16,000
a few days later. It's not a HUGE amount, but I thought it was a pretty nice flip.
 Proof of sale

I've also had some success with YouTube marketing.
One of my websites, which receives the majority of its traffic from YouTube,
was recently featured on TV along with one of the videos I uploaded to promote my site.

You can find me under the username Skribblez at WarriorForum, DigitalPoint, SitePoint, and TalkFreelance.
 Feel free to send me a message, maybe we can discuss internet marketing and learn new things from each other.

Rest assured though, compared to other teens that write eBooks, my spelling and grammar won't be as bad.
You'll be able to read and understand my report without a problem!

So.. what's all this fuss about "Anime"?

Why would I want to start an Anime site?

To start off, I just wanted to say that you don't have to be an anime freak, or like anime one bit
to create a money making anime site. Even if you absolutely HATE anime, or haven't a clue what it is,
with my report and my help, you can and will make money.

However, if you ARE an anime freak, and you do love anime, this book should be perfect for you!

Get in the Anime game while it's hot!

What is Anime?

The terms most popularly refers to animation originating in Japan.
You can watch a few anime episodes at my site to see what they're like:

To get straight to the point though, Anime is just a cartoon/animation that originates in Japan.

What kind of Anime site are you talking about?

You will be making an Anime episode site similar to my one:

Basically, the site you'll be making will contain anime episodes which are hosted by video hosting sites,
 so no, you will not be creating an anime download site that provides anime download links,
but a site where you can actually watch anime episodes online.

The great things about these types of sites are:

  They're easy to create, manage, and promote

No problems with bandwidth, since you'll be streaming your videos off video hosting sites

With the steps I give you, it won't cost you a cent to drive traffic and make money with Adsense

So, what exactly will I learn from your report?

1. How to choose an Anime series for your site

2. How to determine if an Anime series is popular

3. How to determine if there's any competition, and if it's worth competing.

4. How to choose a domain for your Anime site

5. How to create your site step-by-step and optimize it for the search engines.

6. How to make your site more fun and enjoyable, and encourage returning visitors

7. How to find episodes to add to your site, and where to find them

8. How to add these episodes to your site

9. I'll also show you the exact same steps I took to drive over 3,500 daily targeted
visitors to my site for free! The great thing about these steps is that you can
use them over and over again to drive consistent traffic to your site!

10. How to monetize your Anime site with Adsense, including best ad placements.
You'll also learn of other ways to monetize your Anime site.

Last of all, I am also offering free support. If you need help setting up WordPress
 and installing and setting up the necessary plugins, you're more than welcome to drop me an email,
 and I'd be more than happy to set everything up for you at no cost!


Wait.. What about the testimonials!?

Below are testimonials from members of the Warrior Forum that have purchased my eBook.

"Hey man, read the guide and it's great.

Written in a clear and easy to understand step by step fashion it makes it impossible for someone not to understand how this great opportunity works - even if you're a complete newbie you'll get this :)

Good Work Skribblez!

- JohnnyMakeMoney


So, how much does it cost?

Only $47

Hopefully the low price doesn't give off the impression that the eBook isn't quality, because I've put alot of work into it and going into detail, something which is usually rare for an eBook priced this low.

If you have any doubts, feel free to buy it and see for yourself. 

How many pages is the eBook?

The eBook is a total of 33 pages.

Wait! That's not all!

If you buy my eBook today, I'll throw in a bonus 14 page eBook titled:
"Discover how you can make EASY AUTO-PILOT income EVERY MONTH
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FREE, with your order of my Anime eBook.

This report is NOT something you see all over the Internet. I wrote this report myself a few months ago, and thought it'd be great to give away as a bonus.

So, what are you waiting for!? Take advantage of this generous offer and receive your bonus eBook today!

Only $47 (includes bonus YouTube eBook!)

You can order through either of the PayPal buttons. They are both the same.

The download link will be sent to your PayPal email within an hour after purchase.
However, please give it atleast 24 hours as I might be asleep or in school.


What if I don't receive the link after 24 hours?

First of all, please check your junk mail to see if it's there. If after you still can't find the email, or
for some reason you accidentally deleted the email, please send an email with your PayPal transaction ID to:

sales (at)

Use the real "@" symbol between sales and the domain name.


This report is for informational purposes only. I, the author, do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities
resulting from the use of the information provided. I have done what I can to verify the information provided,
but I do not assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may have been made


No part of this document may be reproduced or transimitted in any form or
way whatsoever.


Although $5-$15 daily, and even more is definitely achievable, I can't make any guarantees that you will achieve it, but I will do my best to show you the exact steps I took to get my site to that level.

Lastly, I'd just like to say thankyou for taking the time to view this page!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.

Yours Sincerely,

Neil Ramos

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